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Echelon Baltimore Security Guards, Bodyguards, Construction & Event Security

Protect Your People and Property in Any Situation

Echelon Protection & Surveillance provides exceptional Security Guard Services, Personal Protection and Private Investigation Solutions for your unique business or personal needs. Our experienced security professionals are trained and certified to protect your people and property in any situation by solving problems, de-escalating situations, gathering useful information and stopping unwanted or illegal activity. Our affordable and flexible business model allows you to increase or decrease services as your situation changes. We welcome you to hire Echelon on a trial basis to discover for yourself why we’re the security company of choice for the public and private sector in our region. rotection of your people and property only comes when you work with a security service that is a true partner. At Echelon Protection & Surveillance, our vigilance never wavers – from sunrise to sunset you are protected and secured by fully-trained and certified security service experts armed with the technology to always respond appropriately to everyday challenges, crisis, and emergencies. All verified and documented using technology, for your peace of mind.

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August 15, 2022



Echelon Baltimore Security Guards, Bodyguards, Construction & Event Security - 400 E Pratt St UNIT 800, Baltimore, MD, 21202 400 E Pratt St UNIT 800 Baltimore 21202 MD US

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