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South Valley Riverton Journal

Riverton creates ‘gathering places’ with community center, plaza

Jun 04, 2024 01:50PM ● By Tom Haraldsen

The Riverton Jazz Band entertained residents prior to the opening ceremonies. (Tom Haraldsen/City Journals)

A long-time goal of city officials in Riverton has been to create a community center that focuses on not just the city’s history, but its present. Following a ceremony on May 13, the new Sandra N. Lloyd Community Center and a city hall plaza were opened to the public. They are located behind city hall at 12830 S. Redwood Road.

Following some entertainment from the Riverton Jazz Band, Mayor Trent Staggs spoke about the significance of the new center.

“It’s been a stated goal from the council from the beginning to create more gathering places in Riverton and make it a place of community,” he said. “Resident surveys have said that’s what you want out of your city government. You want that sense of community, and we’ve been able to renovate this area in this way.”

The community center has been extensively remodeled on the inside, with hallways and communal spaces displaying historic photos. A display cabinet contains historic artifacts. Outside, the new plaza now has a courtyard and small amphitheater, along with xeriscape landscaping and an adjacent playground. And the old Riverton School cement sign, which once adorned the building when it was a school, is in the courtyard area.

Staggs’ remarks, along with those from other officials, preceded the open house where refreshments were served as the Coldcreek Bluegrass Band performed.

“It’s going to be a place where we can gather for the arts, for entertainment and just as families here,” Staggs said. “As you walk through and see all the photos, all the furniture and the display cases, know that members of our Arts Council and Historical Committee have spent a lot of time curating and making for a really good experience.”

The Sandra N. Lloyd Community Center has long been a hub for a variety of events, including wedding receptions, dance recitals and musical productions. Since the work began in March 2023, significant upgrades have been made throughout the facility. These include the installation of additional electrical outlets, energy-efficient LED lighting, new flooring, refreshed paintwork, new kitchen amenities and restored restrooms. The new plaza features a small outdoor amphitheater with two-tier seating, a brick restroom, additional benches, a large pavilion and large bronze tigers that were generously donated by the family of longtime Riverton resident Dollores B. Shelledy. A city release said the total cost of these projects amounts to $2.6 million, with $1.7 million going towards the plaza and just under $900,000 to the community center. Riverton City thanked Salt Lake County elected officials and other supporters for generous grants totaling more than $1.2 million to help pay for the project. λ