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Comcast Business helps private school implement updated technology for security and connectivity

Mar 04, 2024 11:54AM ● By Peri Kinder

When high school students and faculty at American Heritage School went back to class last September, they were given a personal MacBook Air to use throughout their high school experience. With more people logging onto the internet, the need for connectivity soared. The school looked for a solution that would increase bandwidth.

Levi Crockett, the school’s education technology director, reached out to Comcast Business for solutions. Daniel Jasinski was the Comcast Business sales associate who helped work on the two main problems facing the school: the ability to manage their network and the need for visibility of the network.

“We brought in some specialty teams within Comcast Business for a managed Wi-Fi solution, like the ability to have visibility and setting up managed firewalls,” Jasinski said. “They definitely valued the kind of innovative approach that Comcast Business had. We’re honored to provide the necessary communication equipment and services that will fuel their school’s growth and educational initiatives.”

Internet safety was a big concern for American Heritage. Along with protection against cyber-attacks, ensuring students were safe online was imperative. With Comcast Business’s help, the school’s IT team will be able to set protocols in place to monitor websites students visit and to create safeguards and firewalls to increase online  safety

“That’s something that’s top of mind for them. As a private school in American Fork, they have some pretty significant concerns,” Jasinski said. “We’re actually taking that off their plate so they can focus on the important things, such as educating the kids. Let Comcast Business be the security experts when it comes to your Wi-Fi.”

Not only will Comcast Business provide all the hardware and access points necessary to increase internet speed for the school, but it will help build a sustainable network to take the school into the future. It took several months to resolve the issue at American Heritage School, but moving forward, the school is in better shape for technology and growth.

Jasinski said many organizations and businesses should take a look at their current internet system to see if it has the appropriate bandwidth and be willing to upgrade to avoid a potential crash. If the internet seems slow or if there’s an expansion into cloud computing, talking with Comcast Business could be the fastest way to increase speed and capability while keeping the network operational. 

“There’s a general trend among businesses in Utah that are striving for business growth and initiatives and they need the technology to support those initiatives that will expand their network and their operational execution.”

The updated infrastructure for American Heritage will be completed in June, in time for the next school year. Crockett said working with Comcast Business was the best choice they could have made. 

“The expertise, professionalism and organization demonstrated in our interview and onboarding processes has been seamless,” he said. “Comcast Business has left no stone unturned. The lesson we learned that could benefit other organizations is that you can really tell the quality of an organization by how efficiently and exactly they implement well-thought-out procedures and operations.”

To learn how Comcast Business Solutions can support your business needs, contact Jasinski at [email protected], 801-946-7415 or