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Haymond adds new voice to Riverton City Council

Mar 01, 2024 01:54PM ● By Dylan Wilcox

Spencer Haymond was elected to the City Council. (Photo courtesy Spencer Haymond)

With a commitment to principles over politics, Spencer Haymond emerges as a new voice in Riverton’s political landscape. Stepping into the limelight as the newest member of the Riverton City Council, Haymond brings with him a wealth of experience and a steadfast dedication to serving the community.

Terry Cox, a friend of Haymond who has known the new councilman for over 10 years, said that Haymond is committed to making meaningful change in the

“My first impression of Spencer was ‘Here is a hardworking man with integrity, who loves his family and all people; he is willing to give a hand to anybody who needs it,’” Cox said.

For over two decades, Haymond has navigated the intricacies of the mortgage and finance industry, spearheading the growth of a successful brokerage spanning 36 states. However, his true passion lies not in the boardroom, but in the halls of governance, where he finds solace in the history and foundational principles of the United States.

“My hobby over these years has been reading and studying the history of this great nation and the founding documents that set it in motion,” Haymond reflects. “I have grown to love the principles behind our great republic and representative government.” United States history has intrigued Haymond, and his intrigue became a desire to enter the realm of public service.

This love for the foundational pillars of democracy led Haymond to immerse himself in local politics, starting from the grassroots level. From state delegate to precinct chair, Haymond’s journey through the political landscape has been marked by a commitment to upholding the rule of law and advocating for limited government.

“I generally dislike all things involving politics, but I love correct governing principles,” Haymond asserts. “I seek to push back against anything that is outside of its legal jurisdiction.”

His dedication to serving the community has not gone unnoticed. Endorsements from neighbors, colleagues and even city officials speak volumes about Haymond’s character and integrity. Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs attests to Haymond’s unwavering commitment to fiscal conservatism and freedom, emphasizing his endorsement for the city council seat.

“Spencer listens to all sides, gathers information and tries to make decisions based upon the principles set forth by our founding fathers and not special interests,” notes Jeff Barker, echoing the sentiments of
many supporters.

But Haymond’s appeal transcends political affiliations; it lies in his genuine desire to represent the diverse interests of Riverton’s residents. “It is a sobering thought to be asked to represent thousands of people with differing backgrounds, interests, needs and wants,” Haymond said. “My promise to you is to do all I can to continue to improve Riverton.”

Central to Haymond’s vision for Riverton is a commitment to transparency, accountability and community engagement. His pledge to work with fellow council members, city employees and law enforcement agencies underscores his collaborative approach to governance.

As Riverton residents selected Haymond to lead District 5, Haymond extends an invitation to the community to join him in shaping the future of their city. “Please call me...with questions or to request a yard sign,” Haymond urges, emphasizing the importance of grassroots engagement in the political process.

“Through the years, his actions have confirmed those first impressions [I have had] over and over. We are blessed to have him live in and serve our community,”
Cox said.