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South Valley Riverton Journal

Salt Lake County won’t be shutting down

Nov 09, 2023 02:25PM ● By Aimee Winder Newton

We’ve all heard the threat of a possible federal government shutdown if Congress can’t get their act together. A stopgap bill was passed to push the Oct. 1 deadline to Nov. 15. But what will happen on Nov. 15? No one really knows. Here in Salt Lake County, you don’t have to worry about programs not getting funded, budgets not being balanced or debts escalating. Our Salt Lake County Council takes very seriously our charge to ensure a balanced budget will keep the county operating.

October begins the county budget process with the mayor presenting her 2024 budget to the council, setting the stage for a meticulous six-week evaluation by the council. During this time, we scrutinize proposals, dissect programs, and engage department heads in rigorous discussions. Every decision is weighed against the ultimate goal of a balanced budget that will sustain the county operations. The final budget will be passed on Dec. 5. 

The Salt Lake County Council will be passing a balanced budget before the end of the year to keep Salt Lake County operating. You won’t need to worry about the jail not operating, your favorite recreation center closing, libraries shutting their doors, meals not getting delivered to vulnerable seniors, or conventions getting canceled at the Salt Palace. We take very seriously our charge to not only fund what taxpayers expect, but to do it in a fiscally responsible manner. 

Our Triple A bond rating is a source of great pride for Salt Lake County, placing us among an elite group of only 29 counties in the nation. This rating is hard earned through maintaining the county’s strong financial health, which includes balanced budgets, controlled spending, and effective financial planning. This special rating helps you, the taxpayer, because it means we get lower interest rates. We are dedicated to ensuring that your hard-earned money is used wisely. 

In Salt Lake County we know how to work together, and our success lies in our ability to collaborate. Both Democrats and Republicans serve on the council, and we know how to get along! Partisanship will never keep us from fulfilling the needs and expectations of the people. 

As we get closer to Nov. 15, there might be some uncertainty happening on a national level. But don’t worry, in Salt Lake County, we’ve got everything under control and the services you expect from us will continue.