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‘Eternally grateful’ couple thanks those who saved woman’s life

May 08, 2023 12:40PM ● By Travis Barton

Stewart and Carrie Isaac stand center holding hands surrounded by Riverton officials at a recent City Council meeting where those who helped save Carrie’s life were recognized with medallions, certificates and gratitude from the Isaacs. (Riverton City)

Stewart and Carrie Isaac are high school sweethearts and will celebrate their 41st anniversary in May. But they almost didn’t make it that far. 

Thanks to the life-saving efforts of emergency personnel and Riverton city staff on Jan. 9 in the parking lot of Riverton City Hall, Carrie Isaac received the care she needed to recover. 

All parties involved were recognized by Riverton City in an April council meeting with medallions and certificates, but perhaps most importantly, were treated to tear-filled thank-yous from the Isaacs. 

“How do you thank somebody for a life that you love,” Carrie said. “I don’t know how to tell these people thank you so very much. What you did that day was worthwhile because it means a lot to me. I would’ve never expected that.” 

It all started when the Isaacs, an elderly couple, stopped at City Hall for Stewart to pay their utility bill. Carrie stayed in the car while Stewart went inside. But when he reached the car, he found his wife unconscious and rushed back inside, asking for help. Two city staff members ran outside to assist, calling 911 and being instructed to take her out of the car. 

A Riverton Police sergeant arrived shortly after and administered CPR, having recently received training a few months prior by the city’s risk manager, Aubrey Pollino. CPR continued until Unified Fire arrived where the crew continued life-saving measures transporting her to Riverton Hospital. 

“The thing that impressed me most was the multiple people that were involved,” Councilmember Troy McDougal said, later adding “it’s just wonderful to see a community, people with professional training, regular citizens coming together and that really stood out to me as a strength that Riverton has.” 

With Carrie making a full recovery, she and Stewart were on hand at the council meeting to thank all those involved.  

“I am eternally grateful to each and every single one of you who responded, who didn’t give up, who did your job and for the training you received,” Stewart said. 

The staffers, UFA crew and representatives and the 911 dispatchers were all on hand to celebrate the experience. 

“It takes a village to do something like this, everybody had a key role,” UFA Chief Chris Watkins said. 

McDougal highlighted the many hours of training that prepares personnel for a situation that requires acting quickly in a high stress environment. 

“This is one of those presentations that embodies why we love living in Riverton and what community is all about,” he said. “It’s helping each other, using our skills, talents, abilities to do that.” λ