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Dynamic duo win state, now off to play at BYU

Aug 03, 2022 08:52PM ● By Travis Barton

By Travis Barton | [email protected]

They have plenty of similarities.

Both were captains of Riverton High’s state championship winning baseball team in May.

They played on the same side of the infield their senior year.

Both played basketball until sophomore year of high school.

They’ve even always attended the same school. And that’s not about to change

Sam Beck and Parker Goff not only helped lead the Silverwolves to their first state title in program history, the duo will now take their talents to Provo next year where they both signed to play for the BYU baseball program.

“When we both had offers, it was kind of a surreal moment that we could go play together,” Goff said.

While the two could most recently be seen on the field together in Orem where the shortstop (Beck) and third baseman (Goff) shared the left side of the infield as they beat American Fork for the 6A state title, their relationship goes further back.

Much further.

They were at the same school in kindergarten—Providence Hall—where they became friends, then paired together in the same fourth grade class, where they became best friends. Eventually the two would transfer to Oquirrh Hills to then play for Riverton.  

“I’ve known him for so long, it’s crazy,” Goff said.

They weren’t always on the same baseball teams though, occasionally guest playing for each other’s squad, but that was it. But baseball’s always been first choice for them.

Goff began playing as soon as it was possible for him. “Whenever you can start, I started and haven’t stopped since.”

Beck started at age 3 and “loved it ever since.” Though both of them dabbled in basketball before focusing solely on baseball their sophomore years.

“We’ve always been best friends and here we are, now we’re going to be roommates at BYU so it’s freaking awesome,” Beck said.

It wasn’t initially thought that both would go to BYU, but it was their first choice. After attending camps for the university and then being seen while playing on the same summer ball team, they both got offers their sophomore year.

Their friendship runs so deep, Beck said they never get in arguments, they don’t keep secrets from each other and Goff is the first person he’ll call if he needs help.

“He’s the nicest kid you’ll ever meet, just a stud on and off the field,” Beck said. “He always has the same attitude, too. Whether he’s having a bad day or a fantastic day, he’s always in a good mood, that’s just awesome about him.”

Beyond the kindness though, you’ll find laughter that generally doesn’t stop, much to the delight of Goff.

“(Sam) has this super contagious laugh, anyone who knows him knows his laugh because they call it a honk,” he said.

“He always makes fun of me for my laugh,” Beck said. “He just starts dying every time, and then it makes me laugh even harder and the honk just gets worse.”

The bond continues onto the field where Beck spent years developing a connection from the mound with Goff, who is normally a catcher.

“I’ve always looked up to him,” Beck said. “He’s one of the best catchers I’ve ever seen, he knew the way I pitched and would set up in the perfect spot. He’s my favorite catcher ever to pitch to.”

Goff also described Beck as “one of the nicest dudes” off the field. On the field though, “he’s one of the most athletic people I’ve ever met in my life.”

“He has the sneakiest strength ever,” Goff continued. “To have his size and hit the ball like he does and throw as hard as he does is crazy.”

Beck, a 5’10 right-hander who was voted the 6A player of the year, almost didn’t play his senior season after having Tommy John surgery back in October.

Besides the state championship, Goff identified his best friend’s recovery as one of their best moments as teammates. Beck was told he wouldn’t be able to play his last season in a Riverton uniform, but with each dedicated day in physical therapy, he kept hitting milestones earlier than expected.

“He knew he was gonna be a big piece of the puzzle so he grinded physical therapy like crazy, it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life,” Goff recalled. “That dude recovered so fast from Tommy John, faster than most people do just cause he grinded PT so hard.”

Goff is no slouch of an athlete either. He played catcher, third and shortstop his senior year at Riverton, earning second team all-state honors.

“He knows the game super well,” Beck said of Goff. “He can literally play any position and be a stud at it.”

Both of them easily pointed to the state championship as one of their best moments together. Goff also highlighted Beck pulling off a triple-play in the title game as “unreal.”

But the journey continues for these two, as one of Beck’s favorite moments is them both committing to BYU.

“It’s not over.”