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Outstanding teachers recognized

Jul 01, 2022 09:38AM ● By Jet Burnham

By Jet Burnham | [email protected]

Three Mountain Point Elementary teachers were recognized as outstanding teachers this year by three separate organizations.

Heidi Rivera was one of 27 teachers recognized by the Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce. The award was celebrated with a certificate, gifts, treats and a luncheon, which showed her that the community values educators.

“It was just an affirmation that what I do is important to the community that I serve in,” Rivera said.

Rivera loves her job. She’s been teaching kindergarteners for six years.

Mountain Point Principal Elizabeth Felt said Rivera is a “powerful resource in our building” and a “strong mentor.”

“She is one of those kinds of teachers that, regardless of what grade level you teach, you come and talk with Heidi,” Felt said.

Rivera helps other teachers, no matter what grade they teach, understand critical learning skills in a simple way. Felt said she is “like an evangelist”— when Rivera has success with a resource, product or strategy, she enthusiastically tells others about it.

“I think that teachers have the best job in the world and I want everyone to be as excited about this as I am,” Rivera said. “And so if there's something new that I find out, I want to share it with them and let them be as excited as I am.”

Bluffdale City Council identified seven Exemplary Teachers, including fourth grade teacher Crystal Hammer.

Hammer’s secret to being a great teacher is that she asks her students a question on the first day of school that sets the tone for the entire year.

“This gives my students the opportunity to have a say in how they want their year to go,” she said. “I believe when students have a voice and ownership in the classroom it builds trust quickly.”

Hammer builds relationships with her students and with her colleagues. Felt said Hammer, who has been teaching for nine years, has been a great mentor to practicum and student teachers.

 “She has been willing to step in and step up to helping those practicum teachers understand just a little bit of the ropes,” Felt said.

Hammer enjoys working with new teachers and inspiring them to love the teaching profession.

“I help them find a deeper passion for their future career,” Hammer said. “This, in turn, reignites my passion for teaching and I evolve at the same time.”

Hammer has also “brought in this ray of sunshine” to the Mountain Point staff by planning parties, baby showers, personalized gifts and fun activities to boost morale among colleagues.

“She does a great job at building people up and coming up with fun things for our faculty to do,” Felt said.

Gina Vondwingelo was selected as the Jordan Education Foundation Outstanding Teacher of the Year for Mountain Point Elementary.

Colleagues describe her as lively and engaging. She loves to use technology, creativity and humor in her fifth grade classroom.

“I have found that sometimes that little bit of laughter will often reduce the tension some can feel with new learning,” Vondwingelo said. “I also often overly gesture and have been known to use a very bad accent or to randomly break out in bad singing.”

Vondwingelo is a veteran teacher (16 years) who mentors both new and experienced teachers.

“She's one of the leaders in our building innovation and technology use,” Felt said. “She's usually one of the first teachers to implement an innovative teaching strategy.”

Colleague Melissa Monsen said Vondwingelo is dedicated to helping all her students succeed.

“She has the knowledge and resources to make learning meaningful and fun for the students,” Monsen said. “She is just a stellar teacher who gives everything she has to help students succeed.”

Felt said she trusts Vondwingelo to work with any student, regardless of their skill set or level of ability, because she is a dynamic teacher with an engaging and relatable teaching style.

Vondwingelo is the kind of teacher who is loved by students, parents and colleagues.

“She has built relationships that are long-standing and enduring,” Monsen said. “Giving her best is what she does every day.”


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