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Educational support personnel recognized for outstanding contributions to schools

Jul 01, 2022 09:36AM ● By Jet Burnham

By Jet Burnham | [email protected]

Jordan Education Foundation Executive Director Mike Haynes was thrilled to give educational support personnel the opportunity to realize how much they're valued by the community.

The JEF board selected eleven outstanding ESPs from Jordan District to receive $1,000 and to be recognized at a Jordan District board of education meeting.

"The ESPs are our backbone of our schools—those in the front office, the lunch ladies, they're the bus drivers and everyone else who make the schools run,” Haynes said. “Without the ESP employees, education would fail. They have a perspective that nobody else does. They can identify students who have needs and help support those needs through their effort; they're really miracle workers.”

Korbi Brey is an education support professional SMAC teacher at Kauri Sue Hamilton School who always goes the extra mile.

“Whenever something is needed, Korbi is one of the first to volunteer or step in to help cover a class or bus duty or really anything that's asked of her,” a colleague said. “If something needs to be done, she either does it or figures out a way to do it without being asked.”

Colleagues said she contributes to a positive school culture with her perseverance, accountability, adaptability, consideration, passion, loyalty, empathy, respectfulness and kindness.

Marilyn Smith, an administrative assistant for the Office of the Administrators of Schools, is responsible for student overnight travel trip experiences for the district.

“She's constantly problem-solving to ensure proper paperwork and processes are being followed. She has helped create and simplify the paperwork process easier for schools to know and follow what is expected.”

Cari Minnesota is an administrative assistant for the Office of the Administrators of Schools, with responsibilities ranging from coordinating school fees, maintaining the district website and managing the drivers education program.

“She is a driving force in getting state grants to help with projects such as upgrading a car fleet or building awnings to better protect and secure driver education vehicles.”

“Cari has incredible patience, knowledge, compassion and understanding and is an asset to her department and the entire Jordan School District.”

            Maricarmen Garcia is an Administrative Assistant in the Student Services department for Jordan School District where she coordinates a director, six consultants, four other administrative assistants, four specialists and analysts, two assistants, three counselors and three psychologists.

“Carmen knows every single person and makes them each feel an important part of the team,” a colleague said.

She also provides translation services and positive energy to the department.

“As Student Services continues to grow, so does her common skill set and abilities,” a colleague said.

South Jordan Mayor Dawn Ramsey introduced the winners to the Board.

“We all know that our schools would not be the amazing places they are without these folks, without our education support professionals and all they do to keep schools going strong,” she said.


2022 Outstanding ESPs

Kristine Burge, Administrative Assistant - Mountain Creek Middle School

Maricarmen Garcia, Administrative Assistant Student Services - Jordan School District

Gabi Clayton, Education Support Professional - Special Education River's Edge School

Jerri Sume, Administrative Assistant - Copper Canyon Elementary School

Amanda Hamblin, Administrative Assistant Special Education - Jordan School District

Marilyn Smith, Administrative Assistant - Office of the Administrators of Schools

Kimberly Mortensen, Administrative Assistant - Oakcrest Elementary School

Korbi Brey, SMAC Teacher - Kauri Sue Hamilton School

Cari Minnesota, Administrative Assistant - Office of the Administrators of Schools

Kim Stafford, Kitchen Manager - Heartland Elementary School

Kim Hawkins, Registrar - Sunset Ridge Middle School