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South Valley Riverton Journal

From the sideline: Interest turned profession for this MaxPreps photographer

Oct 04, 2021 03:04PM ● By Greg James

Dave Argyle started taking photos at Riverton High School and can now be found traveling across the valley in search of the great shot. (Greg James/City Journals)

By Greg James | [email protected] 

On the sideline of any high school event, you are bound to see an oversize camera with someone kneeling down getting shots of the action. These are not high-paid newspaper photographers. In fact, most are there to enjoy a hobby they can share with others.

South Jordan’s Dave Argyle has been taking photos at high school sporting events since 2007. His son was running track at Riverton High School, and he wanted some photos to add to the family album. He is now a professional photographer for MaxPreps.

“I just do it for fun,” Argyle said. “The money I make helps pay for some of my equipment.” 

He takes photos of all schools in the valley but loves to focus on the schools close to his home. You can often see him at Riverton, Herriman, West Jordan or West Valley schools.

MaxPreps is America’s online source for high school sports. The website aspires to cover every team, every game and every player in the country. 

Argyle is one of 11 vetted photographers in the state. His 786 photo galleries are the most of anyone else. He has become a voice of the program with others.

“I have really been trying to talk others into trying it out,” he said. “The process of being accepted is difficult, but once you are in it is fun.”

The website asks the potential applicant to submit quality photographs to be evaluated. The site’s management like high-caliber sports action shots. After being accepted each photographer is able to send in high school sports shots to be viewed and purchased on the site.

Argyle helped supply photos for the Valley Journals (now City Journals) when he started and now promotes his own site and skills.

“I look down the list for teams that have not had submissions recently,” Argyle said. “Then I go to those games. As the season goes along, the list gets smaller and smaller. I like to shoot football and basketball mostly.” 

His interest in photography began nearly 50 years ago. He learned from his father and likes to pass the interest on to others. He has taught classes at the University of Utah and worked with several news agencies. 

Shooting sports action shots can be difficult, but being in the thick of the action and still getting a good picture is challenging.

“I got tackled head-on once—had just enough time to curl up my camera and roll through it,” he said. “I did not get hurt or damage any of my stuff. This has been so much fun.” 

Traveling to games is a perk of the job too. “I made a trip to Richfield that was beautiful,” Argyle said, “and I got some good action shots.” 

In the Salt Lake Valley there are primarily six photographers approved by MaxPreps including Argyle. They include Steve Carnahan, Terry Cullop, Jay Downs, Tim Haslam and Kevin McInnis. 

The site charges you to download and print your favorite photos. 

MaxPreps is also the website used by the Utah High School Activities Association to record statistics and team rankings. The RPI used to seed teams into its state playoffs is generated by the site.