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Pickleball bringing business together

Aug 30, 2021 03:56PM ● By Matthew Baron

The Wednesday pickleball tournament at Wardle Regional Park has become a must attend for a number of small businesses in the area. (Mathew Baron/City Journals)

By Mathew Baron | [email protected]

Every other Wednesday, they meet on the pickleball court of battle. They come to the ​​Wardle Fields Regional Park from all over the South Valley. Perhaps, first to get out from in front of their computer screens. Second, to feel the thrill of victory. 

The Wednesday pickleball tournament has become a must attend for a number of small businesses in the area. Initially, it started as the brainchild of Jared Olsen. He was working at Motivosity, an HR software solutions company in Lehi, when he came up with the idea. With the support of his team, Motivosity Pickleball Networking was born.

Carly McLennan, Motivosity marketing manager, picked up the mantle since her first time at the event in the summer of 2020. She speaks for Motivosity when she says, “we love to do fun things.” Pickleball is certainly a fun thing. It has grown in popularity since coming to Utah some years ago. There are now national, annual tournaments in Ogden and St. George. Some of the best ranked players in America live in Utah. If you follow the sport, you will definitely hear about Alli Phillips, an 18-year-old from North Logan that will have an interesting career in the sport.

Motivosity Pickleball Networking is just one of many like it popping up. There is another similar event in Davis County. Another in in St. George. Pickleball is on the rise, it can be found all around the country and even other parts of the world, such as Italy. With the sport played on a smaller court than tennis, all ages from youth to seniors can play the game. 

The Wednesday tournament has a midweek party vibe when you show up. There is always a supplier for food and snacks. There are other SaaS, software as a service, companies that come to sponsor parts of the event for a chance to contribute and a shoutout on social media. The event always has music playing. DJ Rob Ferre is the resident DJ for the Motivosity Pickleball Networking.

Under the leadership of the CEO, Scott Johnson, the event has seen a number of small businesses and other CEOs attend the event. 

McLennan said the weekly event continues to grow. “It is really fun to make friends this way.”