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Not Your Parent’s Art Show

Apr 12, 2021 10:03AM ● By David Murillo

Kids searched for the items in the I Spy game at the show. (Fusi Murillo/City Journals)

By David Murillo |

The Old Dome Meeting Hall in Riverton hosted an open house on March 8 to kickstart the Not Your Parent’s Art Show exhibit. 

The show, which will be open to the public until April 28, includes art submitted by kids and teens from all over the valley. You will find a variety of art ranging from oil and acrylic paint, pen/ink and colored pencils to digital photography. 

A few of the artists were present that night, available to share insights about their art to those interested to hear more. 

“I’ve always loved art,” said Katy Hall, whose art was on display. “I just like to make art for gifts and to show people.”

Hall said she’s thankful for opportunities such as these that allow her to showcase her work. 

“It’s amazing for other people than just my family and friends to see it so they can know how much I love it,” she said.

Kids and their parents walked around the second floor of the dome, where the art was displayed and detailed the different pieces at the event. A string of musicians took turns from the first floor, filling the air with familiar classical tunes—the perfect backdrop to the art-contemplating guests. 

Each piece had an identifying label, giving the name, age, title and other additional information about the artist and its work. For example, a few turtles with a colorful shell could be found in a piece appropriately titled “Rainbow Turtles.” Artist Tessa Jensen, age 9, then justified “I just like turtles and rainbows.”

Some famous characters appeared on canvas, such as Spider-Man, Iron Man and even Kermit the Frog. There was also some unique abstract art from a 7-month-old artist and even a piece made with markers on a T-shirt. 

“You can be an artist at any age” says Vicky Wartman, Riverton City Arts administrator, who put this show together “Everyone has art inside of us. Feel good about yourself and express yourself through art!”

That’s what some inspired children decided to do, taking their talents to the creation station, crafting their own masterpiece. All are invited to come and participate. There are a few things you can expect if you decide to come.

You will get to play your own game of I spy. Do you think you can find all the animals and name them all? How about count all the superheroes, cats and dragons? The heels on a pair of shoes was particularly hard to find, but whoever does, has a shot of becoming the I spy champion. For extra credit, see if you can find the beautiful potato. 

Then, as a newly creative art aficionado, share your thoughts as you categorize your favorite pieces with the “tell us what you thought” worksheet and turn it in before you leave. 

“I liked the macaw the best.” said Tyler Catron, who was visiting with his parents. “I think they’re funny and just cool.” His younger sister, June, also said, “[My favorite part was] the art!”

Guests at the open house enjoyed a popcorn snack at the end of the show, so bring your own. Just make sure you do so afterwards as there is no food or drinks allowed on the second floor. 

The exhibit will be open Monday through Wednesday, noon to 5 p.m., but you can also make an appointment.