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Riverton parents throw ‘quarantine prom’ for their daughters

Apr 27, 2020 02:38PM ● By Stephanie Yrungaray

From left to right, Hailey Graham with dad, Jeremy, and sister Tessa looking stunning in their prom photos. (Photo courtesy of Randi Graham)

By Stephanie Yrungaray | [email protected]

It might not have been the prom they dreamed of, but two Riverton girls had a quarantine prom night they won’t ever forget.

Hailey Graham, a senior at Riverton High School, and her younger sister Tessa, a sophomore, were looking forward to their school’s March 27 prom. After prom was cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions, mom, Randi, and dad, Jeremy, came to the rescue.

“The two of us had talked about doing something for them on their prom day,” said Jeremy Graham. “We woke up that morning and started preparing.”

Before he left for work, Jeremy purchased Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the girls and wrote the message, “I know you donut have plans tonight, want to go to prom with me? Love, dad.”

On his way to work, he stopped at the local Flower Patch and ordered two corsages.

While he was working, Randi and her two younger daughters, 12-year-old Cassidy and 9-year-old Sophie, got to work decorating their house for the big dance.

“I am not a party-planner person,” Randi said. “I texted my good friend, and she sent me cute ideas. We hung up streamers and made a banner that said #quarantineprom. We put up a bunch of lights and threw rose petals all over the floor. My younger daughters worked really hard at doing all of the decorating.”

Hailey and Tessa dressed up in their prom dresses, and Jeremy knocked on the front door in his tuxedo ready for their date.

“I picked them up and took them out to dinner,” Jeremy said. “We went to the drive-thru because we can’t do anything else right now. We ordered Costa Vida and ate dinner in the car and laughed and had fun.”

When Jeremy and his daughters returned home from dinner, the dancing started.

“We turned on whatever music was streaming at the time, and it was a whole family thing,” said Jeremy. “All of our daughters and Randi danced and listened to music in the living room.”

“We had a lot of good laugh at the silly dancing,” Randi said.

Jeremy posted a few pictures from the quarantine prom on Facebook, and his post had lots of shares and unexpected media attention. After Fox13 did a news segment on their quarantine prom, the girls were barraged with text messages from friends, classmates and teachers. Inside Edition asked to do a segment, but the family decided against it.

“We were very surprised [by the media attention],” Randi said. “Our daughters were shocked that anyone thought it was that impressive.”

For Randi and Jeremy, it was just a way to connect with their daughters and try to make a sad memory into a happy one.

“We hope it cheered up our daughters on a night that they would have rather been hanging out with their friends,” Randi said.

Now that Cassidy and Sophie saw the fun their big sisters had, will there be a future non-quarantine dad prom?

“Hopefully they can go to their own proms,” Jeremy said. “But if they ever need a date, dad will always be there for them.”