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Meet the newest representative of Riverton’s District 2: Troy McDougal

Jan 29, 2020 01:30PM ● By Kirk Bradford

McDougal enjoying Riverton’s Town Days parade (Courtesy Troy McDougal)

By Kirk Bradford | [email protected]

At last month’s first regularly scheduled Riverton City Council meeting of 2020, District 2’s newly elected councilman Troy McDougal was sworn into office.

“I am really excited to be part of this wonderful city, to be able to grow, learn and represent the citizens of Riverton,” he said during his initiation speech.

McDougal grew up visiting Riverton as a teenager, to earn some money.

“I grew up in West Jordan, and my first contact with Riverton was through those occasions my grandfather’s dairy farm needed me to buck hay or pick supplies at the old Riverton IFA.” 

McDougal attended West Jordan High School. After graduating, he chose to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Lansing, Michigan. 

After returning home, McDougal studied history and secondary education at BYU, earning a bachelor’s degree a few years later. He then continued his education with BYU, receiving a master’s degree in education administration. 

Upon graduation, McDougal worked the real estate industry for 12 years. He transitioned into the role of an investment banker at A.G. Edwards and has continued to work there for the past 10 years. For a time, he and his family ran a small business in Riverton, Chillz Frozen Yogurt. For the last 10 years, McDougal has returned to his “first love,” which is educating young people. He currently works for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a seminary teacher.   

The long-term plan for maintaining the community feel of Riverton is something McDougal is passionate about.  The biggest concern McDougal felt motivated to address is the “issue politics have become so confrontational and decisive that people do not listen with an open mind and consider the needs of all people involved in a decision.”  

He has enjoyed watching people achieve their goals. 

“Some of my proudest moments have been working with the young people in Riverton, seeing them work hard and have success—watching them grow and progress to become great parents and community members,” he said. “I have loved coaching soccer, basketball and football in our community. I currently have coached the last several years at the high school.”

McDougal addressed the efforts Riverton has made to combat the opioid epidemic and felt city leaders are doing a great job by providing disposal centers for drugs as well as information for people to seek resources to receive the help they need. To unwind from daily requirements and stress, McDougal said he likes taking a break to watch his children play high school sports. His two oldest daughters played volleyball and basketball and were part of the Riverton State basketball championship team. McDougal’s two sons played football, and the two youngest children are twins, a boy and girl who each play basketball for Riverton. Outside of the family life, his hobbies include gardening and exercise.

McDougal is passionate about sports and enjoys coaching high school football. (Courtesy Troy McDougal)


“Being part of the city council requires a lot of research and time to be fully informed,” he said. “I am impressed with our current members and the time and energy they commit and their desire to truly keep Riverton great. National or state politics may have agenda’s or personal ambition; this tends to give city politics a bad rep.  As I have seen local service, it is truly motivated by a desire to serve. I ran for the city council to try and make sure that we have a long-term plan to meet the needs of our citizens in areas such as transportation, planning, and zoning and economic sustainability. With that perspective, I try to do all the research I can on an issue and find the solution that will meet the short-term and long-term needs of all our residents.”

Since moving to Riverton, McDougal highlighted the areas he has been involved. For example, he has volunteered as a youth coach in soccer, football and basketball. The last couple of years, he has spent time working on the football staff at Riverton High. His volunteering has included community initiatives such as economic development, secondary water and community activities.

McDougal again expressed his excitement about being on the council and plans to finish raising his kids and retire and live in Riverton following his motto, “love where you live!”