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South Valley Journal

Letter to the Editor: thanking Riverton firefighters for going above and beyond

Oct 02, 2019 03:30PM ● By City Journals Staff

On Friday, 9/27 my husband fell down the steep hill behind our condo and fractured 7 ribs on his left side.   The first responders gave him excellent care on the hillside and they talked with me about taking him to Riverton Hospital.  They contacted that Emergency Department and both decided Dave should be taken directly to IMC at 5300 State St. The firemen went out of their way to make sure I knew of this change in plans.  

A couple of hours later, we realized that both of Dave’s hearing aids were missing.  I contacted the dispatcher who said they would check in the ambulance, but they did even more.  They actually returned to the scene and searched the area where he had fallen until they found the hearing aids in the grass.  Then they delivered these to our home.

My husband and I were overwhelmed by their kindness.  We are very grateful for their service.

Barbara Kahl