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Riverton to withdraw from Unified Police Department

Jul 19, 2018 02:20PM ● By City Journals Staff

Lt. Troy Carter was recommended to be the new police chief of the Herriman branch of the Unified Police Department. (UPD)

During an emergency city council meeting on July 19, the Riverton city council voted unanimously to declare their intent to leave the Unified Police Department. 

According to a Riverton City press release, the decision to move towards leaving UPD came "when city officials finally received information about... changes to an agreement between UPD and its member communities."

"The proposed changes, which mostly concern the assets and resources the city has invested in UPD over the years, have the potential to impact Riverton taxpayers in a negative financial way," read the press release. 

The resolution passed by the Riverton City Council says that the city plans to leave UPD in a year, but leaves open the possibility of staying if the two sides can work out their differences.

“Our major concerns are about transparency, governance, and in ensuring our residents are getting what they pay for. We must be able to work out these concerns if we stay with UPD," said Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs. 

The city's press release specifies that there will be many opportunities in the coming weeks and months for the public to "become educated, ask questions, and express their thoughts to elected officials."