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Outstanding educators recognized

May 21, 2018 11:24AM ● By Jet Burnham

Board members from Jordan Education Foundation surprise Cristina Roberts with an Outstanding Educator Award. (Jordan Education Foundation)

By Jet Burnham | [email protected]

For Amy Lloyd, math is always the answer. Using her math skills, Lloyd analyzed testing data at Fort Herriman Middle School and developed a growth mindset curriculum that has significantly improved students’ math skills.   

“She transformed Fort Herriman into the highest-performing school in math when looking at both student proficiency and individual student growth combined,” said Principal Rodney Shaw. Last year, Fort Herriman was ranked second in the district for overall student proficiency, and in 2018 it had the highest median growth percentile of all secondary schools in the district.

Lloyd, who was named Jordan School District Educator of the Year, just wanted to change students’ attitude about math. 

“My goal is to make sure they don’t hate math,” said Lloyd. “It doesn’t have to be their favorite subject, but I hope I show them there’s a use behind the math. By the end of the year, it is rare that I have a student that still hates math.” 

Lloyd takes a positive approach to the subject, reaching students who have decided they aren’t good at math or are afraid of being wrong.

“They get prizes for participating or for going up to the board,” she said. “They will do anything for a jolly rancher.”

Last year, 85 percent of Lloyd’s students improved their scores from the previous year, many by more than 75 points. 

Shaw, whose own children have taken Lloyd’s class, said she has had a dramatic impact on the lives of students.

“She is one the most encouraging, loving, supportive teachers I have ever worked with in 24 years,” he said. “She is an amazing leader who truly understands the unique developmental needs of middle level learners.” 

Lloyd stays on top of students’ progress, regularly checking for understanding. She collects daily data on each student to catch them before they fall behind.

Lloyd works with students on all levels of math, including special education students. 

“She has these kids achieving at levels they have never experienced before,” said Jessica Wilson, special education team leader. “The math is complex, but her unique approach and sincere love of the students makes them want to succeed.” 

Lloyd also coordinates peer tutoring among students. Her expectations for her students are clear.

“They know exactly what they need to do to earn their A,” she said. “I’m here to help and provide the tools, but ultimately, they’ve got to put in the work if they want to succeed.” 

In addition to the Educator of the Year recognition, Lloyd is also one of 34 teachers, counselors and administrators recognized by Jordan Education Foundation as an Outstanding Educator. Other Outstanding Educator winners include:

Cristina Roberts, Copper Mountain Middle School, loves to challenge students to stretch themselves and to believe in themselves. “Mrs. Roberts is one of a kind. Mrs. Roberts is a teacher who changes lives,” said Principal Cody Curtis. 

Sharon Gunn, Herriman Elementary, has been teaching in Jordan School District for 31 years. “She fosters a growth mindset where learning comes from effort, struggle and making mistakes,” said Principal Kim Gibson. “Sharon is a gem—more valuable than can be expressed.” 

Natalie Redd, Foothills Elementary, creates a happy place for students. “She has the gift and ability to not only meet the whole class's needs while instructing but going down to each child's level to help them one-on-one,” said Principal Cherie Wilson. 

Laura Smith, Riverton Elementary, challenges students to achieve their personal best. She emphasizes life skills and positive social behaviors. “I don’t know a special ed teacher who gives so much time and effort into their classroom as Laura. She is an amazing teacher to work for, and she teaches me so much every day. Her students are very lucky to have her as a teacher,” said her nominator[JM1] , Principal Cindy Tingey.

Kimberly Stewart, Oquirrh Hills Middle, is the department chair for Language Arts Department and teaches seventh-grade reading and language Arts. Administrators at Oquirrh Hills said Stewart has made an impact on the students, building relationships based on trust and respect. 

Jodee Crane, Bluffdale Elementary, prepares her kindergarteners with a solid foundation in phonics, writing and numeracy to set them on the path to excel in school. “Miss Crane will tell you exactly what they are good at, exactly where they need to improve and exactly how you as a parent can help them,” said Principal Karen Egan.

Debbie Ballard, Kauri Sue Hamilton School, has been supporting students and their families for more thn 30 years. “I believe Debbie is the one of the few and privileged district professionals that makes a difference in thousands of lives from all over our district,” said Principal Rita Bouillon. 

Nicole Warner, Herriman High School
Kathleen Collins, 
Bastian Elementary
Jaclyn Johnson, 
Silver Crest Elementary
Heather Wiest, 
Butterfield Canyon Elementary
Megan Cox, Blackridge Elementary
Shelley Forman, Midas Creek Elementary 
Nancy Rasmussen, Rose Creek Elementary  
Jason Carwin, 
South Hills Middle
Amber Jones, Southland Elementary
Leslie Thompson, 
Riverton High School[JM2] 

 [JM1]Was the nominator anonymous?

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