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South Valley Journal

A letter to the editor

Mar 28, 2017 03:07PM ● By Bryan Scott
We are writing this letter in response to the Deseret News article dated March 5, 2017. It was titled “Humane Lockup.” It severely upset us and has caused major concern since its printing. We feel that our corrections system is going the wrong way in planning for our new Salt lake City prison.
The purpose of the prison is to confine people who have made choices that harm society. It is for the community’s protection and for the punishment and reform of the law breakers. Making a prison too “comfortable” does not induce a law breaker to be responsible; it encourages them to play the system. Why should people who have broken the law get given all the amenities that people get who earn them and make good choices? We know personally of two men who, after serving their term, purposely commit another offense (and have done so several times) so they can get back in and receive three square meals a day, a bed, TV, computers, work out rooms, and all the medical attention they need. This is much easier than working and being responsible. Many middle-class families cannot afford the kind of food, air conditioning, and health care that prisoners receive. This theory is not benefitting society. Concrete and steel work well for the good of society. PRISONS SHOULD BE A PUNISHMENT!
It was stated in the article that prisons need to be more humane. How humane is it to commit a murder, a rape, a child abuse or a robbery? The rest of society gets what they earn. Prisoners should get what they earn also. It should be a deterrent to crime.
IT was stated that these “kinder” facilities can cost $80,000 per inmate per year! We have 9 children and 29 grandchildren who are responsible, productive people in society. They work hard and work in construction, medical, business education and engineering. They all care for themselves and their families on way less than $80,000 per year. Why should they, through high tax rates provide a “retirement” for those who are not responsible and hard working? It doesn’t see fair.
It was stated that the goal was to make the prison feel like a college campus or dorm. Many of our family would love to live on a college campus, and in a dorm, but cannot afford that luxury! It is highly expensive to do that, and they are busy working and paying taxes so criminals can do that? Does that seem a little out of balance?
We have become a society of ENTITLEMENT and we feel prisons should be a facility that people work hard to stay out of, not where people are killing to go!
Sincerely, some concerned citizens and tax payers,
Dee and Cathren Warner
[email protected]