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Mission Slim Possible: Lose Weight, Earn Money

Jun 14, 2016 10:15AM ● By Tori La Rue

Heather Wartman and Jayne Hogan take a picture of themselves after participating in Riverton’s Mission Slim Possible program. – Heather Wartman

By Tori La Rue | [email protected]

Heather Wartman signed up for Slim Possible, Riverton City’s weight loss program, hoping it would incentivize her to keep up with her exercise routines and continue to eat healthy. The program, called Mission Slim Possible, came at the perfect time, she said, because she knew she’d be traveling seven weekends during the 12-week program that ended April 13. 

“My goal was just to not gain weight,” Wartman said. “I never thought I would win, but I came in third place for girls and fifth place overall. I know that had I not done the challenge there’s no way I would have kept my weight, let alone lost weight.” 

Wartman and the 57 other participants paid $25 to the Parks and Recreation Department to enter the challenge, knowing that, at the end of the challenge, the money would be divvied up among the people who had the greatest percentage of weight loss. Every Wednesday, each participant was invited to weigh in at the Riverton City Offices, and Brittany Parker, event coordinator, figured out their stats.

“It is designed to keep people coming back to be accountable,” Parker said. “The idea is they can lose the weight any way they want, but we’re here to lead them along the way.” 

Each week Parker sent the names of the top three contenders and a healthy living tip via email to motivate and encourage them to stick to their fitness goals, she said. 

The consistent interaction with Parker helped Wartman continue her own fitness plan, which includes going to the Fit Body Bootcamp gym, located at 1728 West 12600 South in Riverton, five times a week and tracking her calorie intake on with the MyFitnessPal app. To increase her accountability, Wartman signed up for Mission Slim Possible with her husband and another couple, she said. 

“We started a girls versus boys competition between the four of us,” she said. “Whoever won got to pick what we would do for a weekend trip. If they boys would have won, we would have been in the outdoors and doing golf, which still would have been fun, but since we won, I think we’re going to do a spa day.” 

Not only was Wartman accountable to the Slim Possible event coordinator and her friends, she said she was also accountable to the people who attend gym classes with her. Making sure she had accountability buddies was what helped her to succeed, she said. 

“What makes it all worthwhile is when someone says I’m looking better. Everyone wants to hear that,” she said. “The last week of the challenge seven or eight people at work came up to me at work and said, ‘I’ve seen such a big transformation. What did you do? What did you do?’ It’s really nice because I only saw the ounces coming off little by little, they noticed big time.” 

In all, Wartman lost 14.95 percent of her body weight in 12 weeks, and was given $75 as a prize. The winner of the challenge won $500. 

“I feel great,” Wartman said. “For all of those who are looking to lose weight or get healthier don’t give up, and don’t limit yourself. Think in small goals and in weekly instead of monthly increments.”

Another session of Mission Slim Possible begins in August, and registration starts June 8. For more information or to sign up visit or the Parks and Recreation Office at 12830 South Redwood Rd. 

“It’s just fun to see people along their journey and see how they can improve their health,” Parker said. “We, at the recreation department, obviously like to encourage active healthy lifestyles, and we like programs that help our residents to get out and get recreation in their life.”