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Riverton High School’s Silver Rush Raises Large Funds for Charity

Jan 27, 2016 09:14AM ● By Bryan Scott

 By Aimee L. Cook | [email protected]

South Valley - Every year since the school opened in 1999, Riverton High School students have raised money during the holidays for a charity of their choice.  Over the years, the amount of money has grown, totally over $1 million in total donations. This year the students raised $133, 689.15 for Mitchell’s Journey. 

“This year we raised money for Mitchell’s Journey,” Katie Borgmeier, teacher at Riverton High, said.  “This organization works with children who were born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).  This particular type of muscular dystrophy is found in boys, is classified as catastrophic muscle wasting, and is 100 percent fatal.  These young boys effected by DMD do not live much past the age of 20.”

The donated money to Mitchell’s Journey will go towards things like sponsoring   local MDA summer camp activities, and providing material aid to local DMD families who are in need of help.

“It is rare to see a student body so dedicated to helping others,” Christopher M. Jones, from Mitchell’s Journey, said. “Their sincerity and energy was nothing short of inspiring and at the same time humbling. To this day we are approached by teenagers all over Salt Lake City.  When they see us, they run up to us and introduce themselves, sometimes with tears in their eyes and say, ‘I am from Riverton High School, and I just want you to know what this year’s Silver Rush program meant to me.’”  

Silver Rush is very much a group effort. Students get very involved and are constantly offering ideas to Borgmeier and principal Carolyn Gough. Many faculty members get involved as well, from cooking pancakes in the mornings to selling carrot grams. Silver Rush does more than raise money for charity; it also serves to bring awareness to issues that affect the community.  Students raise money by doing fun activities like the “Ugly Stomp,” the Silver Swap, where the cheerleaders play the drill team in basketball and the girls basketball team performed a dance at halftime. 

“Education is a key component to Silver Rush,” Borgmeier said. “Not only do we educate our faculty, staff and student body, but we also educate the community.  Our theme for Silver Rush is ‘It’s not about the dollar, it’s about the change.’  No matter how much is raised each year, we are making a change in somebody’s life.”

 Senior student body officer Hannah Kartchner believes Silver Rush is the best time of the year for the entire school. She and fellow officers chose Mitchell’s Journey as the charity to raise funds for this year, making the experience just a bit more personal for her. 

“Being able to meet the DMD boys was something that put into perspective how fortunate I am. I wanted to do all in my power to help them,” Hannah said. “I love coming together during December to get behind such a remarkable cause, it feels like the entire city is unified to help one cause and make a difference. There’s just something about the feeling you get during Silver Rush, it’s indescribable; no matter how tired you get, you can still push forward and feel happy all the time. I think that’s what service and Silver Rush is all about, and I find that remarkable. It’s not about the money, it’s about the change.”