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Parking Permit Program a Possibility for Herriman City

Jan 27, 2016 08:50AM ● By Bryan Scott

By Hope Zitting | [email protected]

South Valley - The discussion and consideration of beginning a parking permit program came to light during the Jan. 13 city council meeting in Herriman City.

“The reason why we’re considering a parking permit program tonight is that we’ve had, over the past few years, a growing concern at the Blackridge Reservoir with the parking issue. And so, in order to solve that, we needed to implement a citywide ordinance that will allow us to create parking permit areas,” Herriman assistant city manager Gordon Haight said.

Blackridge Reservoir is located at 15000 South Ashland Ridge Drive, and has recently had troubles with increasing traffic.

“We’re looking at considering charging for parking in the Blackridge. We’re painting some curbs red. We’re going to do other restrictions. Other locations where this would apply would be colleges, transit facilities and other places where we see transit traffic. This ordinance basically can be used anywhere in the city and it’s very generic,” Haight said.

Each residential family of Herriman City would receive two regular parking permits and one guest parking permit for $25 per household. The prices would not vary from area to area. These permits would be acceptable for one year and if a resident needs a replacement throughout the year, it would be $5. 

In order for the parking permit program to be approved, 51 percent of the affected residents in the area would need to be in favor of it.

“Before this can happen, we will need to bring them a map with times and dates and seasons. We anticipate that the Blackridge will only be for certain months of the year, and maybe not every day of the week and certainly not all times of the day,” Haight said