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New Council Members Take Office in Herriman

Jan 27, 2016 08:44AM ● By Bryan Scott

By Hope Zitting | [email protected]

South Valley - A ceremony was held to swear-in recently elected council members on Jan. 4 at Herriman City Hall. 

“When I told people that I was contemplating running, the first thing and inevitably the continued theme I got was, ‘Why on earth would you want to do that?’” Nicole Martin, one of the two new city council members, said during the ceremony.

“From all of those people who wondered why I want to do this, I got an amazing amount of support. And as I look out in the audience, so many of you are here, and I would not and could not, frankly, have done it without all of you,” Martin said. 

Jared Henderson and Nicole Martin are the two new city council members that were recently sworn into office. Jared Henderson replaced Matt Robinson as the city council member from District 1. Nicole Martin took the place of Mike Day and is now representing District 4.

“I’d like to thank my friends and neighbors for their support,” Jared Henderson, said. “I’m happy to serve and make a difference.” 

 “We’re very grateful for these two wonderful people,” Mayor Carmen Freeman said. “This is an exciting time. Herriman is really a city on the move in very many ways and we’re excited and these two wonderful people who’ve accepted the call to service. It’s a big responsibility.”

“They were good enough not to tell you that there’s a lot that goes into running for political office – financially, emotionally – you sacrifice a lot, and we had two wonderful members of this council who’ve left and we’re grateful for the service they’ve rendered. But it’s always good to have a little change. I’m sure Jared and Nicole will bring in dynamics that will help us in some way to further the great work that lays ahead of us for Herriman City,” Freeman said.

“I’m excited. I’m looking forward to, honestly, just getting to work. I’m looking forward to doing a lot of good things for the city with economic development, communications, and just diving in and moving us forward. I couldn’t be more excited,” Martin said after the ceremony. 

“It’ll be nice to see some fresh voices in the city government. The city is growing a lot right now and it needs to change the direction it was going to. It’s nice to have some new voices in there. I think it’s important to get involved now, because what they’re doing now is going to shape how the city is for decades to come. So, there are important decisions to be made,” Andy Henderson, Jared’s brother and resident of Herriman City, said.

“It’s nice to see people care about their community. It’s a fast-growing city; there’s a lot to be considered,” Jared’s mother, Donna Henderson, added. 

To learn more about the new City Council District 1 Councilmember Jared Henderson, visit his website at

To learn more about the new City Council District 4 Councilmember Nicole Martin, visit her Facebook page, NicoleMartinForHerriman.