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Riverton Elementary Students Ride in Style to Lunch

Dec 07, 2015 11:10AM ● By Rachel Hall

By Rachel Hall

South Valley - Brooklynn, James, Xander, Emma, Josh, Will and Elle had the opportunity for the very first time to ride in a limo, which pulled up to Riverton Elementary School ready to take the students to lunch at Salsa Leedos with their principal, Cynthia Tingey, as a reward for being top earners in the school’s annual fun run.

“The students earned a lot of money – thousands of dollars – with the fun run that we held in September,” Tingey said.

As a result of the students’ hard work and effort, the school will be able to help fund field trips, literacy programs, assemblies, the Speak Up Be Safe program, field day at the end of the year, teacher appreciation week and other projects as needed.

“All the money goes back into the school,” Tingey said.

Students solicited funds from family and friends based on the number of laps they completed during the race, or as a flat rate for participation in the 20 minutes scheduled for each grade level to run as much as they could.

“The kids – they worked hard. They had a goal in mind, and they worked hard. They didn’t give up. It was neat to see them know they can do hard things,” Missy Collard, the school’s PTA president, said. 

Collard and Tingey also praised the efforts of all of the volunteers who helped make the event successful.

“In the building it was pretty calm, but once they got out there and they were pinning on their bib numbers, they were so excited. The PTA did an amazing job. They had music out there, so there was just a really fun atmosphere out there,” Tingey said.

Brooklynn Steiner, the top earner for kindergarten, was more than excited to be able to ride in a limo and have lunch with her principal for the day. It was a welcomed reward.

“My legs were so tired,” she said about running 10 laps – equivalent to one mile.

The efforts of all students at the fun run were applauded and appreciated by the PTA and administration at Riverton Elementary. The entire school reached a goal that resulted in them earning a mascot. The name is currently top secret, but students are excited to hear more details when they are revealed.

“We have the best parent volunteers. That’s the only reason this fundraiser was able to work, because parents supported it. It takes a lot of volunteers, and it takes them supporting it financially,” Collard said.

Local businesses also stepped up to support the school’s fundraiser. The amount of money from sponsorships covered the cost of the event and rewards, which is why all of the money collected by students will go directly back to school programs for the K – 6th campus with over 700 students. Students raised over $25,000.