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Mayor Clarifies When, If Ever, TRAX will be Built in Riverton

Nov 06, 2015 12:06PM ● By Bryan Scott

By Briana Kelley

 South Valley - Riverton residents want to know if or when a new TRAX line will be built along 12600 South in Riverton. Others are concerned about how much money has been spent or will be spent for this project. Mayor Bill Applegarth addressed these concerns at the city’s recent event “What’s Up in Riverton” and at the Sept. 22 city council meeting.

“There are all kinds of misinformation on the transit study and I would like to correct that misinformation,” Applegarth said. “There is nothing, I repeat, nothing of construction for any TRAX line in the 2040 plan that is in the Riverton area. There is absolutely nothing. No construction. There is corridor preservation money but no construction money for a TRAX line.”

The 2040 plan, published by Wasatch Front Regional Council, outlines all potential UTA projects between now and 2040 based on projected regional growth and available funds, among other factors. There is money available for corridor preservation in Riverton. This includes land from the Daybreak TRAX stop through undeveloped land east of Mountain View Corridor and over to 13400 South.

“The idea is you get your corridor preserved for TRAX so that people don’t build buildings in the way and you have to buy buildings. If you were here when Bangerter Highway was built, you know that they built brand new homes that were never lived in that UDOT then had to buy for the Bangerter Highway because they didn’t have the corridor preserved. This preservation is for a TRAX line, a future TRAX line,” Applegarth said.

The process to construct a TRAX line involves specific studies and procedures. Utah Transit Authority (UTA) has already conducted studies for the best possible future TRAX line. The next step is an environmental study, which must be approved by Riverton’s city council. UTA is currently gathering public comments about the future TRAX line. Written comments may be left at the various open houses in October, January and February. Written comments may also be left on their website.

  “The council will make a decision in February or March on whether to take this to an environmental study. The study is already funded and approved by the Feds and UTA,” Applegarth said. Riverton City has already invested $250,000. There are no funds listed in the current budget to contribute more to the transit study. “I think it was a good investment for Riverton City. It has worked out well for us in my opinion because it will save us money in the long run,” Applegarth said.