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South Valley Riverton Journal

Riverton City Council

Aug 04, 2015 11:27AM ● By Bryan Scott

Tiverton City Council

By Sheldon B. Stewart
Councilman District 1

South Valley - Now that the candidates have all filed we will begin the election season.  This time reminds me of the great opportunity it is to be a part of the public service of this community and in particular the community I grew up in.  It’s my love and gratitude for what it was, what is has become, and where it is headed that continues to drive and motivate me to this day.  

The framework and structure of the community has changed and adapted with growth from the time when I was a kid to now.  During this time our city has seen an influx of over 30,000 residents to our current population of just over 40,000.  We, as a city, have faced many challenges that come with growth and we have weathered these challenges well.  As a city we have been innovative in our thinking and how we have dealt with this growth.  The city early on instituted and adopted plans that would set the tone for the future.  These plans helped us to deal with the needs and issues of that time and to help to establish a look to the future.  With those plans we have established a well-thought-out infrastructure and management plan that accommodates and handles the transit through our city as well as addressing the needs of our community.  As members of past, current, and future councils continue our attempt to look into the future and make decisions today that will benefit us in next 30, 40, 50, and even 100 years, we have to balance the demands and limitations that exist.

As a city we have a number of exciting things that have happened during June. We opened the Main Park which serves as a center for the city and facilitates economic growth for that area of our city.  Also during June the city was able to confirm that we are now completely on Jordan Valley Water Conservancy water.  During the coming months and the next year, the city will break ground for the announced CenterCal Project that will have a large economic impact in the western portion of our city.  As a city these are all programs established to benefit our residents and attract business and individuals to our city.  

As the candidates in this next election come forth all residents that are registered to vote will receive a mail-in ballot.  This will allow residents the time necessary to review and study the items on the ballot and then at their convenience mail their ballots back in.  If individuals desire to vote in person Riverton has designated the Sandra N. Lloyd Community Center as a polling location.  This structure not only reduces the cost for the city to administer and deal with future growth but also provides ample time for people to consider the candidates and issues before them. 

As councilmembers we are open to any feedback that you have and appreciate the confidence and support you place in us as your elected representatives.