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Save Time And Money With New Shopping App

Aug 04, 2015 11:21AM ● By Bryan Scott

New App

By Rachel Hall

South Valley - A great deal is hard to find, especially when life gets busy. Angela Ramirez, founder of, understands that time is valuable for everyone. That is why she created the new shopping app to put the right deal in the right hands at the right time.

“I love to shop. I am a mother of two. I work and I am always on the go,” Ramirez said.

Her morning routine of browsing through Facebook and Groupon, coupled with her expertise as a former merchandise manager, helped spur the idea for an app that would supply great deals without having to search through irrelevant items.

“I would find myself browsing through pages and pages under Groupon trying to find great fashionable items, but all I would find was toothpaste [and] granola bars,” she said.

Daily deals will be available to the customer through the app, but timing is of essence. Each item is offered for thirty seconds during which the decision to snatch up the deal must be made. The only way to gain additional time to view an item is to share the deal.

“I saw the need for an app that could present a customer every morning with a curated collection of items. We are taking the time urgency from Snapchat, the amazing deals from Groupon, and the social aspect from Facebook,” she said.

 Ramirez’s focus on the start up of aligns with her belief that mobile shopping is where the future lies, even for major retailers trying to simplify the customers’ experience.

“With us, you will only get an app – no website. Therefore, the way the app is being built, it truly simplifies your shopping habits and with three clicks you can purchase an item of your choice,” she said.

Companies such as RayBan, Beats, Nike, Safavieh, Cavalli, Michaels Kors, Skull Candy, Sterling Arts, Diesel, and Under Armour are already listed to offer deals with the new shopping app.

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