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Tricia Tingey Awarded Teacher Of The Year

Jun 12, 2015 05:12PM ● By Aimee L Cook
Tricia Tingey, a sixth-grade teacher at Blackridge Elementary, has been awarded Teacher of the Year.

To be singled out from your peers and nominated for an award that classifies you as “the best” at something is undoubtedly an honor. Such was the case for Blackridge Elementary teacher Tricia Tingey, who was awarded the prestigious honor of being named Teacher of the Year.

Nominated by Blackridge Elementary principal Steve Giles, the sixth-grade teacher was honored at a teacher appreciation luncheon along with other nominees in the district. The event was hosted by the South Valley Chamber of Commerce. 

“Tricia was nominated because she is such a wonderful teacher leader,” Giles said. “She is responsible for grants at our school that make it possible for computer-based supplemental math instruction for all students in grades four through six that is individualized according to level and need.  She has provided leadership to our sixth-grade team as team leader and is currently heavily involved in implementing a STEM focus at Blackridge.  Tricia has a great rapport with the students in her class and demonstrates a very good mix of nurture and rigor in her classroom.  She is a stand out on a faculty made of the best.”

Tingey decided to pursue teaching after studying political science in college and having a candid conversation with her father. 

“I wanted to go into criminal law and my dad was a bit worried with that decision, but he would have supported me in anything I did,” Tingey recalled. “He asked me one question that changed my thinking about careers.  He said, ‘Doesn’t it make more sense to teach them correctly when they are young instead of prosecuting them when they are older?’  I guess this made me think about where my influence could be best felt.  The next semester I enrolled in classes to get a dual major in Elementary Ed and Special Ed.  I haven’t regretted that decision.”

In an ever-changing world of technology, Tingey feels that technology actually makes teaching easier. The only real challenge with all that progression is being able to keep up with it and learn as you go.  Aside from keeping up with modern times, there are still other challenges of teaching that do not change, like meeting every child’s needs whether it be academic, social or emotional. But trying to meet these individual needs and connecting to her students are what Tingey loves the most about her job. 

“I’m pretty normal and I don’t feel as if I do anything extraordinary,” Tingey said. “In reality, there are hundreds of teachers that deserve this award and we all are just doing the very best we can.”