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Blackridge Elementary Students Plant A Tree And Learn

Jun 12, 2015 05:09PM ● By Aimee L Cook

Students at Blackridge Elementary plant a tree with Mayor Freeman to celebrate Arbor Day.

Schools across the state celebrated Arbor Day in various ways. For the students at Blackridge Elementary, they were taught some fun facts by a guest educator, Mayor Carmen Freeman of Herriman City. 

During the presentation students learned the importance of trees and how to care for them, in addition to facts such as how one tree can provide air for three people and how you can determine a tree’s age by counting the rings in the trunk when it is cut down. 

“The students learned that the tallest tree is the redwood, and when you buy a tree from the store it comes in a pot, and in order for it to survive when you plant it at home, you need to cut the roots that are wrapped around the base,” Megan Cox, a first-grade teacher, said. “The kids also were very interested to learn that, after a tree is planted, if you were to hang a birdhouse on a branch, the tree would continue to grow up, but the branch that is holding the birdhouse will stay down from the weight of it.” 

Freeman talked about the importance of a tree’s root system and how they keep the tree firmly planted in the ground. After the presentation the students went outside and planted a new tree for their school. The students are now the protectors of the new tree and can apply what they learned as they watch it grow on the school grounds. 

“What a wonderful opportunity it was to attend the Arbor Day Celebration at Blackridge Elementary,”  Freeman said. “Herriman City is grateful to be a contributing partner with the Jordan School District in the advancement of student learning. As these young children come to understand how trees provide shade, oxygen and beautification to our community, they will gain a greater appreciation for their role and importance in our environment.”