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Bluffdale City Is Planning For The Future

Jun 12, 2015 01:43PM ● By City Journals Staff
By Heather Pehrson

Bluffdale is building a City Hall at the corner of 14400 South and 2200 West. April 22 the Bluffdale City Council approved a parameters resolution that outlined the funding mechanism for the building of our new City Hall. After a public hearing on May 13 the Local Building Authority, consisting of the Bluffdale City Council and Mayor, chose JRCA Architects from five applicants to start the design process. 

We are currently working to right-size and program the layout. Please join us for a Visioning Workshop and Open House to provide feedback on external design of our new City Hall, June 16, 6-8pm at the Bluffdale Fire Station (14350 South 2200 West). 

The need for a City Hall has grown over the last few years as Bluffdale’s need for services has increased with its population. Consolidating all the citizen services, except public works, at one location would better serve our residents. This will eliminate confusion and unnecessary trips. One location will also increase administrative effectiveness. 

We currently have employees in three different locations throughout the city. The city building on Redwood Road houses our court, public works, building inspection, planning department, and code enforcement. The city engineering department is housed in rented office space at another location. Our city administrators, City Council, utility billing, accounting, reception, and police department are sharing space with the fire department at the Fire Station. 

Other benefits we look forward to in our city park site are its central location within the city, the ability of the City Council to control architectural design, and the opportunity to also provide more parking and community space to events at the park. 

Thank you to the 523 households who returned the Parks and Trails and Open Space Survey that was sent to your homes in April. We have contracted with Conservation Technix to help us create a Parks, Trails and Open Space Master Plan for Bluffdale City and your responses will help shape this vision. 

The two goals of the Plan that I am most excited for are:

• Acquire and develop a high-quality, diversified system of parks, recreation facilities and open spaces that provides equitable access to all residents.

• Develop a network of shared-use trails and corridors to enable connectivity between parks, neighborhoods and public amenities.

Please join us for an Open House to review the results of the Parks, Trails, and Open Space Survey and the first draft of the Master Plan and share your feedback on June 4th 6-8pm at the Bluffdale Fire Station (14350 South 2200 West). 

As always, I welcome your feedback and questions.  

Bluffdale City Councilwoman, 
Heather Pehrson: 801-201-3744, 
[email protected]