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Mayor's Message

May 08, 2015 10:46PM ● By South Valley Mayor William R Applegarth
I submitted the Mayor’s budget to the Riverton City Council for funding the fiscal year 2015-2016, and a detailed budget letter on May 5. The budget and the letter are available on our web site ( I would like to acknowledge the work completed by City staff in compiling the framework of this budget document. In preparing the budget, please note the key elements that served as guiding principles:

1. The budget has been prepared, directing resources to those priorities adopted by the City Council in the Strategic Plan.

2. This budget continues to reflect that Riverton City does not assess a property tax. In addition, there will be no increases in the Storm Water Utility Fee or Secondary Water Fee.

3. As a result of the overwhelming choice of Riverton citizens, the Culinary Water will be supplied through the purchase of water from the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District.  This will result in a culinary water fee featuring a $2.50 monthly base rate plus a charge of $3.91 per thousand gallons used. These changes will be reflected in both the fee schedule for 2015-2016 as well as the Culinary Water budget.

4. In 2012, Riverton City reduced the monthly fee for Sanitation from $12.50 to $1 per month for the initial garbage can. At the time this fee was implemented, I indicated that as more people moved into Riverton it would be necessary to supplement their sanitation expense as well. The result of a recent analysis has demonstrated the need to increase this fee. The budget includes an increase in the monthly Sanitation Fee from $1 for the first garbage tote to $3 for the first garbage tote. I have proposed that this increase not take place until January of 2016.

5. My proposed budget features an increase in sales tax revenue in excess of $350,000 over the current budget year.

6. During recent budget years, the City has utilized Fund Balance in Fund 21, the Class “C” Road Fund, to cover the cost of scheduled street repair and maintenance. As anticipated, the fund balance has been depleted, resulting in only minimal repairs to streets being proposed this upcoming fiscal year. The recent passage by the State legislature ofHB 362, Transportation Infrastructure Funding, provides hope that additional money will be made available in the future to help cover the requirements for repair and maintenance. However, a significant portion of this legislation is the Local Option Transportation Sales Tax and will hinge on the voters’ approval.

7. The recent announcement regarding the CenterCal development is cause for much optimism. When completed, this development will provide significant economic benefits to the City in the form of substantial increases in sales tax and spurring investment from other sectors such as office buildings, additional retail, and housing. During the past eight years Riverton City has devoted significant resources to the installation of infrastructure in the Western Commercial District in order to make this day possible. When market conditions became ideal, Riverton City was ready. The successful completion of this project will result in ensuring the long-term economic viability of Riverton City.

The Council will work on the budget during the month of May. On June 2, the Council will present their budget, and have the first public hearing on the budget. On June 16, the Council will hold their second public hearing on the budget, and then vote on the 2015-16 Riverton City Budget. This budget goes into effect on July 1, 2015.

—William R. Applegarth