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City Council Reports: Riverton

May 08, 2015 10:29PM ● By City Journals Staff
By Trent Staggs, 
Riverton City Council Member

We are at a very exciting point in the history of Riverton, given all of the economic development occurring. Here are some highlights of the activity:

CenterCal Properties, LLC has reached an agreement to develop some 85 acres along the northeast corner of 13400 South and Mountain View Corridor.  CenterCal is the same developer that built Station Park up in Farmington, and plans to build a comparable project with a mix of retail, restaurant, entertainment, residential and Class A office space. The retail sales generated from this development has the potential to dramatically increase Riverton’s sales tax revenue, which, if used wisely, can offset future fees and expenses. It will also be a unique and desirable space to frequent. I was grateful to have had a chance to attend the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) convention last year in Las Vegas with the property owners and speak with prospective developers and retailers about this site. I’m looking forward to working with all the stakeholders involved in this project and with the rest of the council through the development process.

The Commercial Downtown area continues to see dramatic improvement to both residential and commercial development. This area is comprised along 12600 South between 1300 West and approximately 2200 West. Over 150 new housing units have gone up in the last 18 months, with another 350 anticipated in the next 18. The Vasa Fitness has reinvigorated the old Peterson’s Market area and the new Walmart Neighborhood Market  is driving new sales tax and growth along 1300 West. Jordan School District has also announced a Technical College across from the post office, renovating the old Concordia school.

I was pleased to lead a presentation on “walkable” concepts for our commercial downtown in one of the City Council’s January strategic planning sessions. Analyzing data and several comparable cities to Riverton, it became apparent that this area could use and support more restaurant locations. This is something that was repeated by nearby residents during my campaigning back in 2013. The council is looking to adopt zoning and land use concepts that will foster restaurant and specialty retail around the newly renovated Main Park. 

I was honored to attend the ICSC Intermountain Idea Exchange hosted in South Jordan this past February along with our Mayor and City Manager. I was able to meet with several prospective restaurant owners and continue to talk with them about locating in this area. I can announce that a Beans & Brews will be located where the Bombdiggity’s restaurant was and that a Sonic Drive-In will also be coming to Riverton. Nice restaurant and specialty retail options, that free-flow into the park and surrounding areas will present a very casual, walkable theme and be a great addition to our city. We are also speaking with UDOT on creating a traffic-calming, pedestrian activated crosswalk in between Redwood Road and 1300 West, that would create a safer route and encourage more pedestrian traffic to the park and the surrounding commercial and future commercial spaces.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve and for all of your engagement on the issues. Please continue to stay engaged, particularly over the next two months as we move into the budget. The Mayor’s budget will be made available May 6 on the city website, and then the Council will review and debate their own budget, with final approval by June 16. There will be public hearings on June 2 and June 16 for the budget.