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Super Kids Unite

Apr 10, 2015 01:38PM ● By Shawna Meyer
For the third year in a row, Riverton City is allowing the Riverton kids to live out their dreams of being superheroes by giving them the opportunity to participate in the Super Kid Challenge. This six-week-long program is aimed at getting kids outside and active.

This year’s Super Kid Challenge starts on April 17 and runs through May 22, and it will take place at Dr. O Roi Hardy Park, 12400 South 1000 West. Times are still tentative, so parents should check online as the date approaches to find out when to arrive at the park. 

The events will happen on the Thursday of each week. The kids will be divided into grades to compete: kindergarten and first, second and third, and fourth and fifth.

Before each weekly competition, competitors will check in, be briefed on the challenge, and warm up and stretch. Then, starting with the younger competitors, each kid will complete the challenge and have their results recorded. 

“The challenges change every year... I’m actually still working on what exactly the challenges will be [this year],” Youth City Council Coordinator Brittany Parker said.

There will be weekly awards for the first place finisher in each age group. This year they will receive superhero rubber wristbands. Then, everyone will get a snack. 

At the end of six weeks, the overall winner in each age group will get a reversible cape, with “Super Kid” emblazoned on the back, and a giftcard.

“Using the playground and their imagination—I think kids are going away from these things with technology. We’re just trying to get them out and active,” Parker said.

Those interested in participating can sign up online or in Riverton’s Parks and Recreation department, 12830 South Redwood Road. The cost is $20, and that includes a shirt and a water bottle.