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South Valley Riverton Journal

Meet With The Mayor

Mar 13, 2015 02:10PM ● By Lindsay Wolsey
If you are a Bluffdale resident and you have something you want the Mayor to know, there’s an easy way to talk to him in person. Mayor Derk Timothy has set aside an hour and a half on the third Tuesday of each month to meet with residents. He meets with residents in the council room prior to the Bluffdale Planning Commission meetings at 7 p.m.

“I picked 5-6:30 p.m. because I thought some people might want to talk before dinner, and some people might not get off work until 6 p.m. You can talk about anything you want,” Timothy said.

“I came because I didn’t want the mayor to be lonely and have to put in that only two people came in the newsletter,” joked long-time Bluffdale resident David Spencer.

Spencer requested that more police officers be assigned to the light on Redwood Road and Bangerter Highway.

“So many people are running red lights,” Spencer said.

“We actually have our reserve officers patrolling that area. We don’t have them parked on Bangerter because we have had two patrol cars rear-ended. Luckily the officers weren’t in the vehicles at the time, but we can’t risk the safety of our officers. That is our most ticketed area. We’ve actually met with Riverton and the Highway Patrol to work on making that area safer,” the Mayor said.

Jared Neilsen saw a reminder about the meeting on Facebook and popped over to grab a cookie and ask the mayor a question that had been stewing in his mind.

“What is being built in the park?” Neilsen asked.

The answer to his question was the armed forces memorial that Bluffdale city has been working on for several years. When the memorial is finished it will feature a stone engraved with the names of all Bluffdale residents who have served in the armed forces. The stone will be surrounded by lighting and flagpoles for each of the five branches of service. The Lions Club provided the cement work, and several Eagle Scout projects have been done working on the memorial.

“We are dedicated to having this done through volunteers. It’s like Old West Days. It means more to people when they are part of it,” Mayor said.

Neilsen was also concerned about proposed solutions to the traffic congestion near Bluffdale Elementary and the Rodeo Arena.

“If the gravel road becomes a regular road, I’ll have busy roads on three sides of my house two times a day,” Neilsen said.

After a brief discussion, the Mayor gave Neilsen contact information for the head of the Arena Committee and suggested that he present his ideas at their next meeting.

“We can’t fix everything, and we can’t always solve everything.  But we can try,” the Mayor said.