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YouTube Sensation Films Video At Herriman High

Mar 13, 2015 02:03PM ● By Sherry Smith

Former “America’s Got Talent” contestant and YouTube sensation Lindsey Stirling films her latest music video onstage at Herriman High School.

Sometimes failure opens doors that success cannot. This was the case for Lindsey Stirling. After being voted off in the quarterfinals of “America’s Got Talent,” she was told by judges Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne that there wasn’t a place for a dancing violinist and she couldn’t fill a theater in Vegas.

Stirling’s unique act, dancing and playing the violin, is exactly why she fills theaters. Her 5.8 million YouTube followers, world tours and chart-topping albums speak volumes as to how wrong Morgan and Osbourne were.

So, what does a young artist do when she needs to film her next YouTube video? The originality of Stirling was expressed in yet another way. Her unique choice was to film onstage at a high school. Her relatives at Herriman High made the connection for her, and the administration was asked. A date was set, and filming took place in January.

In a prepared statement, Stirling said, “I wanted to film this music video at an actual high school because I wanted to give the kids an experience where they could not only see how a music video shoot worked, but so they could also be a part of it.” Stirling continues, “The students were super helpful; running the stage sound, helping us set up the different set pieces, controlling the rigged stage lights, and the orchestra and band students learned the sheet music so they could be in the video. Not only were they helpful but working with the students was really fun. Their excitement was electric and took me back to some of my first shoots.”

More than 50 students participated in the filming both behind the scenes and in the video as musicians. After a long day of filming, Stirling took time to answer questions from students and to take selfie photos with them.

Studentbody president, Tanner Guss, participated in the filming as a drummer. “It was really cool to have an opportunity to be seen in the video. Stirling and her crew were easy to work with and I had an enjoyable time,” Tanner said.

The video is a compilation of music from “Les Miserables” and the completed version will be found on Lindsey Stirling’s YouTube channel. A final release date wasn’t available at press time.