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Traditional Schedule Coming To Butterfield and Herriman

Mar 13, 2015 01:56PM ● By Sherry Smith
The opening of Blackridge Elementary did more than reduce the number of portable classrooms at Butterfield and Herriman, it reduced population in such a way that a return to traditional schedule from a year-round schedule became possible.

“Blackridge shifted the population so that we didn’t have overcrowding at the other two schools. We knew that it would happen, but didn’t know it would happen so fast,” Jordan School District spokesperson Sandra Reisgraf said.

Jordan School District chose to survey parents and teachers at Butterfield and Herriman Elementary schools to see if they would prefer a year-round schedule or a traditional schedule. 

At Butterfield Canyon, there were 410 responses to the survey with 78 percent favoring a traditional schedule. At Herriman Elementary, there were 360 responses with 68 percent choosing the traditional calendar. 

Teachers at both schools were also surveyed, and the overwhelming majority preferred the year-round schedule. However, parent choice won the vote.

Jordan School District will adopt the traditional calendar effective for the next school year.

“We hope that they can follow the traditional schedule for two years and possibly longer. It will depend on growth in the area,” Reisgraf said.