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Riverton Releases Two Books As Part Of 150th Celebration

Mar 13, 2015 01:55PM ● By Taylor Stevens
Riverton City released a book titled “Riverton Schools: 150 Years of Public Schools in Riverton” in February and is working on publishing another book containing recipes collected from Riverton residents. Both books are in conjunction with the city’s 150th birthday celebrations.

The school book debuted at the public schools in a series of assemblies hosted by Riverton City Mayor Bill Applegarth. Each public school received a copy of the book from the city at its assembly, and every student was given a coloring book featuring trivia about and mascots from each school. 

“This is the perfect year to provide that history and celebrate what makes our city what it is,” said Angela Trammel, Riverton’s communications manager. “There’s no better way to do that than through our kids.” 

Applegarth agreed. “I felt the assemblies went very well,” he said. “It was a great joy for me to be there and interact with the students. It’s amazing how bright and wonderful the students we have here in Riverton are.”

A copy of the book will be available for viewing in the principal’s office of each school as well as in the Riverton City Library. 

In addition to the school book, the city is currently working on publishing a book containing recipes collected from Riverton residents. The book includes over 600 recipes and a brief account and timeline of Riverton’s history, as well as historical pictures of the city. 

City Councilman Paul Wayman and his wife, Linda, originally had the idea to create the book as a way to celebrate Riverton’s history. The 150th birthday committee, who put months into gathering and proofreading recipes and compiling the book, executed the idea.

Wayman said he couldn’t think of a “better way to celebrate the 150 years than with the heritage of all the cooking and the food that is had from the Riverton citizens.” 

Pricing and publication information for the recipe book has not yet been officially released, but Wayman expects it will be available sometime in April.