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South Valley Journal

Herriman City Council Reports

Mar 13, 2015 01:42PM ● By City Journals Staff
In January the Herriman City Council held a retreat to discuss our priorities for the coming year. We discussed many topics including the vision and direction for Herriman. We are a fast growing community with the best residents in the Salt Lake valley! Herriman continues to be a great place to live and raise a family! 

Here are a few of the top priorities discussed:

Growth of sales tax revenue through economic development: 

Herriman has over 31,000 residents which is attracting business. The Neighborhood Walmart, Taco Bell, CVS Pharmacy, Popeyes and others have opened their doors in the past six months. More are coming and will be announced soon. Each business that locates in Herriman contributes to our sales tax revenue which funds the parks, roads, events, water, and many other amenities we enjoy. This transitions us from dependence on property tax and growth to fund the City and makes us financially viable in the long term.

Transportation needs: 

We are adding miles of new roads each year. Our older roads need costly maintenance or they degrade and cost even more to repair than if we provided needed maintenance earlier. The Utah Legislature is considering a change in the fuel tax rate to provide needed funding to take care of municipal roads. We encourage your support of transportation funding for municipalities. 

Towne Center and city hall: 

Retail and residential development continues in this area of the city. The County Library and Recreation Center along Main Street, businesses along 134th South and homes in between are part of this master planned development. A critical element of the Towne Center is a City Hall and central park. We have significantly outgrown the current community center. We are in the study and design phase of a city hall to assess the needed office space, partnerships with other entities that could be housed there, and financial requirements to build it. Look for more on this in the coming months.

Curbing high density: 

We have all observed the large number of apartments and town houses being built throughout the valley and in Herriman. As a Council, we have taken proactive steps to adjust the Master Plan to reduce or eliminate high density in many areas of the community. It will take some time to process current projects but all new high density projects are being challenged. We appreciate having housing options and the interest of more businesses locating in Herriman but we need to rebalance with a greater emphasis on lower density housing. 

We look forward to another great year in Herriman with many community events that bring us together. Thank you for everything you do to make your neighborhood and Herriman a great place to live! It is an honor to serve in such a community!