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Big Hearts Help Little Hearts

Jan 16, 2015 09:31AM ● By Sherry Smith

Riverton High student body officers reveal a banner showing the product of this year’s Silver Rush charity drive. Students set a record with $133,689.15 to donate to Intermountain Healing Hearts.

Never underestimate what a group of dedicated teenagers can do when they set their minds and hearts on a task. This year’s task, in the form of Riverton High School’s Silver Rush charity drive, was to raise money for Intermountain Healing Hearts.  The organization provides a support network for the families of children struggling with congenital heart defects and childhood onset heart disease.

Congenital heart defects are the most common type of birth defect in the United States affecting one out of every 100 children. Intermountain Healing Hearts was formed to provide support and answers for families with children who are impacted. Twenty-five Riverton and Herriman families with children struggling with heart defects will receive grants from Intermountain Healing Hearts toward their medical bills due to the generosity of students at Riverton High.

“We have had an opportunity to change lives, but more importantly, we have had an opportunity to change ourselves,” Principal Carolyn Gough told the students at a closing assembly. “You gave of yourselves and you made a difference. The money doesn’t matter. You make us proud. We’re grateful for everything you’ve done.”

Through a variety of events and doing chores and collecting change door to door, students were able to raise a record $133,689.15 for Intermountain Healing Hearts.

The families and children impacted with heart defects spent time with students at Riverton High during various events in December. Zoey Spencer, age 4, spent her lunch time selling handmade reindeer necklaces to students in the RHS commons area to support the cause. She was able to sell more than 1,300 of them, raising more than $3,000 herself.

English teacher Scott Gunther worked toward the goal by selling carrots to students for $1 each, and purple carrots for $5. The carrot sale culminated in the silent auction of a silver carrot in a wooden box.

New to the activities line-up this year was the Silver Swap. In a basketball game, the cheerleaders and drill team suited up and played basketball, with the basketball players serving as cheerleaders and drill team. Admission fees as well as donations to change the score were accepted for Silver Rush.

“Riverton High has prepared you for a lifetime of being the change. Please know what you have done has changed our lives,” Intermountain Healing Hearts President Mimi McDonald told the students.