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Nov 06, 2014 08:06AM ● By City Journals Staff
By City Councilmember Tricia Tingey

Peace, Progress, and Tradition

When I read this phrase on the Riverton logo, I am reminded of the great history that shaped our city. It started with Nicholas T. Silcock and his purchase of land in Riverton in 1865. That land is near the golf course on the east side of our city.  His great wife, Jane, wasn’t as happy as Nicholas with that purchase. When she saw their new home, she stated, “Well, you have moved a great many times, but this is the last place on God’s earth to bring a woman.” 

Their hard work brought others to the area and with the help of each individual that settled here, this area grew and became better.  In 1891, Thomas P. Page started a new merchandise store and at its peak, it was considered the largest department store in the valley outside of downtown Salt Lake City.  Our city is rich with history and was founded on progress.  Jane knew that changes were needed in order to make this area fitting for their family.

I have had the opportunity to speak to some people about the events of the past and of the future, and I have come to realize that, while tradition is crucial in any culture, a balance with progress is just as important.  We need to celebrate those who started the valued traditions, and we need to celebrate those who have moved here without deep roots in our city’s history.  After all, roots can grow fast and deep if they are taken care of properly. We have many families move to our great city, and they have already established strong, deep roots because of this great community.

As we anticipate celebrating Riverton’s 150th birthday, I am so excited about the progress we have made as a community.  We have grocery stores, parks, department stores, a hospital, wonderful places to eat and places to learn. It is a time to celebrate! 

Our celebration will start in January with relay runners from each public school in our city. They will run their candle torches by each school and end up at Riverton High School where they will place 150 birthday candles in a birthday cake. There will be fireworks, food and plenty of excitement to start off our celebration. 

A “Passport to FUN” will be distributed to every citizen who wants to participate in the activities for the upcoming year of celebration. We will celebrate the oldest and newest citizens. Mayor Applegarth will also visit every school to teach the students about our great past and to make each student feel part of the celebration.

Each month will be full of celebrations. Here is a quick overview a few of the planned events:

Feburary: Game night at the community center

March: Going Green month will focus on taking care of our community through recycling. The city will provide recycle bins for glass and other events will take place to help us with our recycling.

April: Miss Riverton and neighborhood clean up are the focuses this month. Our city horticulturist arborist will also help us with questions we may have concerning trees in our community.

May: Look forward to a city historic tour.

June: Mark your calendars for June 22.  This will be a day you don’t want to miss as we open up our new park and celebrate with music, fireworks and other activities.

July: Town Days!

August: Don’t miss the weekly concerts in the park.

September: Riverton’s own farmers market will open in August and continue through September.

October: Troll Stroll

November: Veteran’s Day program

December: This month is packed with Santa’s arrival, a Christmas festival, and on the 14th we will end our yearlong celebration by blowing out the candles on the city cake. (And, of course, there will be fireworks.)

So as we take a look at our traditions and move forward with progress, we are left with the last word in that city phrase, “peace.”  I believe peace is an individual’s decision. That is where we contribute to this great city on an individual basis.  Peace brings the past and present together with a commitment from all to continue the vision of our ancestors.  Peace doesn’t come without trials, obstacles and opinions, but conversely, peace comes because of those elements. People willing to give and take and people willing to serve all contribute to creating that peace. 

I’m looking forward to the celebration with everyone!